Introducing Nich, Holly & their little girl Della. Nich is the Accessories designer here at Thrills HQ and has been working with us for 4 years. Nich & Holly moved up from Sydney to work for Thrills and started their family here in Byron Bay. 


Nich - what got you into motorbikes?
I rode dirt bikes on our friends farm when I was really young and after a trip to Indo where I bought a little Suzi 250 for like $150 to ride along the Javanese coast I was hooked again. Something about being so exposed and having accesses to so much more than a car is pretty darn arousing. Thrills gave me the opportunity to intern and create art in exchange for a little HondaCB 5 or so years ago where I, with the help of Yui, brought it back to life. Since then I've graduated to sketchy bush mechanic tinkering on old Harley's and teaching little Delly anything I know about them.
Nich - whats the best thing about being a dad?
Theres actually no greater Love than the love for your child and we have been so lucky to create our cheeky, brave little Della. Being able to teach her even the most simplest things, take her fun places and share her infectious funny little joy has been the best. She’s the fucking best!!
Holly - what makes Nich the best dad?
Nich is always laughing and being silly with Della. He gives her so much love and affection but can be tough when he needs to. He also spends all his time making things for Della, like her mini chopper. He’s never too busy for her. This makes Nich the best dad! 

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