Introducing Luke, Kirby, Olive and Levi. Luke is a surfboard shaper and Kirby runs an online vintage store. They live together with their two girls in New Brighton, where the beach is just a walk away.


1. Luke - What started your passion for surfboard making?

I wanting to surf something I created with my own hands, to see if the idea I had in my head actually worked in the water & did what I envisioned.


2. Luke - What’s your favourite thing about being a dad?

Watching them grow and the excitement they have in things that as adults we look over as being mundane. Which makes me excited about these things again.


3. Kirby - what makes Luke the best dad?

The way he always has time to play like a big with the girls he’s always happy and upbeat, he tells a great story & even though he’s not the greatest dancer he’ll always jump up on the dance floor for Olive!


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